FASTPACK 32 for Windows Seven/Vista by Jean-Marie BARONE



2012, December 27th  Download version 2.8 for Windows Seven/Vista



Experiment the latest and ultimate Packer and Protector of EXE files !
FastPack uses a brand new method of Packing, where your file is utterly compressed at one fell swoop, and stored inside a loader (or “stub”).
Upon running, the stub will decompress your file in memory and run it. It will also deter evildoers to reverse-engineer or “crack” it, by using some smart anti-debugging tricks.
From version 2.0, you can now choose between several engines of compression :

·        LZNT1 from Microsoft® : its compression ratio is average, but LZNT1 functions are available in the Windows kernel, so it was shorter to implement. Therefore, some additional protection sleights could be embedded in the stub.

·         aPLib from Jørgen Ibsen (© 1998-2009) : APLib gives better compression results and is faster.

·        LZMAT from Vitaly Evseenko (© 2007-2008) : LZMAT offers a good compression ratio, sometimes better than aPLib.

·        LZMA from Igor Pavlov/Brandon Lacombe (PD) : the top-notch codec of 7zip, paired with full protection, is now the default engine.

·        SMAC from JM Barone : Extreme compression using Arithmetic Coding and Context-mixing (coming soon!)


FastPack has been designed with simplicity in mind, and is intended to be straightforward so that everyone can use it.
Just open the file you want to pack, press the “Pack it” button, and you’re done!
Packing large files may take some time and, though the program may seem to be deadlocked, it is not, so please be patient.
Your original file will be automatically backed up with a “.bak” extension, so you can find it back easily by deleting this extension.

A common issue with packed programs is that it might trigger some warning from your antivirus software, insomuch as FastPack uses some “obscure” methods to evade debuggers, reduce the size of the file, and run the image of the packed file in memory (Process Forking).  Antivirus Editors will need some time to adapt their tools in order to recognize my file format. Incidentally, turning off your AV momentarily before packing might speed up the process considerably.




FastPack has been programed & tested under Windows Seven 32 bits, and should run flawlessly under Windows Vista as well.
I have no idea if Windows XP is supported at the moment (let me know).

EXE files developed in .NET language cannot be packed.
Files including Digital signature (Authenticode) will cause troubles if the file is checking the validity of its signature.
64 bits EXE files cannot be compressed presently, but I’ll consider working out a 64 bits version of Fastpack if it becomes popular.

No install is needed : the program runs as a single file, leaves no temporary files and does not touch your Registry.


·        December 2012 : Version 2.8 released
Compression slightly improved by dint of an update of the E8E9 filter

·        December 2012 : Version 2.7 released
Bug fixed : programs running in Console mode can now be packed

·        December 2012 : Version 2.6 released
E8E9 filter overhauled, resulting in better compression with all engines

·        December 2012 : Version 2.5 released
Console mode added. Type fastpack from command line for full details
New engine of compression added (LZMA)

·        October 2012 : Version 2.4 released
Working with files with unconventional sections (RawOffset=0, Icon ordinal>1, …)
Many thanks to Vincent  from Taiwan for his exhaustive bug report !

·        September 2012 : Version 2.3 released
Compression ratio improved with all engines by adding an E8E9 filter

·        September 2012 : Version 2.2 released
Icon and File info preserved after packing

·        September 2012 : Version 2.1 released
New engine of compression added (LZMAT)
Bug corrected with aPLib (crashed when file already packed)

·        September 2012 : Version 2.0 released
New engine of compression added (aPLib)

·        September 2012 : Versions 1.6/1.7/1.8 released
Stub optimized (total size decreased of 268 bytes)

·        September 2012 : Version 1.5 released
Bug fixed on Windows 64 bits that could stop unpacking

·        September 2012 : Version 1.4 released
Stub has been optimized (more compact)

·        August 2012 : Version 1.3 released
Minor change : now accept Drag & Drop file

·        August 2012 : Version 1.2 released
Advanced tricks against debugging

·        August 2012 : Version 1.1 finished (unreleased)
Protection of Original Entry Point of packed files

·        July 2012 : Version 1.0 finished (unreleased)
Working with FileSections with a RawSize of zero (Delphi)
No protection whatsoever


FastPack is a Freeware : it is not limited and you can use it, and distribute it freely.
If you find it useful, I will gladly accept a financial contribution at your discretion, on my secured
WebMoney account below.



Users of this software must accept this disclaimer of warranty:
This software is supplied "as is" and without warranties as to performance of merchantability or any other warranties whether expressed or implied.
Because of the various hardware and software environments into which this program may be put, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered.
The user must assume the entire risk of using the program.
In no event shall the author be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use this program, even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such damages


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Send your comments & suggestions to me, Jean-Marie BARONE, at fastpack(at)
Thanks go to
Peter Ferrie, the Guru of anti-debugging tricks for his fine tutorials!
Thanks to Jørgen Ibsen for his free compression library,
Thanks to Vitaly Evseenko for his open source library,
Thanks to Igor Pavlov & Brandon Lacombe for their public domain files of LZMA.
Greetings to all former members of AnemerosTeam !